How to be Boujie on a Budget

During the pandemic I spent a lot of time trying to find ways to save money and reinvent myself and my thoughts about keeping up with trends. As a Christian it’s important to remember that our money holds so much value and shouldn’t be wasted away on, as the Bible puts it…[things that can rustContinue reading “How to be Boujie on a Budget”

June (Target) Favorites

June officially has been the fastest month of them all. I can’t even understand how this month has come and gone so quickly but it means we’re one month closer to fall which is my favorite so I won’t complain. Target has always been my go to but with all the summer sales and funContinue reading “June (Target) Favorites”

How To Keep Healthy Skin Cancer Free Skin

When I was in college, my dermatologist discovered the first of what would end up being 4 “Dysplastic Nevi” cells, which put you at a higher risk for cancer. Right that moment I got my act together and started taking better care of my skin. When it suddenly hit me that we only get thisContinue reading “How To Keep Healthy Skin Cancer Free Skin”

We Need Healing

Without writing out the longest introduction ever, or pouring every ounce of my soul out onto this page let me just be clear in what this post is about; As a Christian I am instructed by the word of God to pray without ceasing. This means that every single moment of every single day IContinue reading “We Need Healing”

How I Do My Eyebrows. Tutorial and Product Review (Maybelline Tattoo VS Anastasia Beverly Hills)

This is clearly only going to interest some of you, but you would be totally shocked at how often people mention something about my eyebrows. At least once a week I get a comment or a question about them. So I decided to give you guys a quick little video AND a breakdown for thoseContinue reading “How I Do My Eyebrows. Tutorial and Product Review (Maybelline Tattoo VS Anastasia Beverly Hills)”