It’s My Birthday! 29 Fun Facts About ME

I promise not to make this a super egotistical share about how great I am (LOL) and more just a chance for those of you who are super sweet to read, share and follow me to get to know me a little better. So here we go! I was born 9/11/91 and weighed 9 poundsContinue reading “It’s My Birthday! 29 Fun Facts About ME”

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Short and sweet and to the point with this one. Here are the items I purchased from the Sale and some I’ve gotten in previous years that I would highly recommend anyone get! Plaid BlazerA blazer like this one is something that never goes out of style, can be styled in any season and goesContinue reading “Nordstrom Anniversary Sale”

How To Do Faux T-Shirt DIY (no cut, no sew) Looks

There’s some pretty obvious trends going around lately and I’m totally here for them. Two of the most popular are cropped shirts and padded t-shirts. I, being all about DIY and being frugal would much rather find a way to do them differently than spend money on new clothes. Behold…another DIY! This time no cutting,Continue reading “How To Do Faux T-Shirt DIY (no cut, no sew) Looks”

How To Eat & Drink To Stay Healthy

Notice this isn’t titled how to be skinny, or how to lose weight. So let me be very clear, I am in no way a health professional. I am in no way saying these methods are all you need to be healthy. However I do know a few things about how to eat properly andContinue reading “How To Eat & Drink To Stay Healthy”