How To Set Healthy Boundaries in Relationships

Let my start this off by saying that I understand in our society today the word boundaries usually has a negative condonation with it. We feel kind of icky when someone says we’ve crossed a boundary of theirs or when we feel someone has crossed ours. Truthfully this is something I have struggled with myContinue reading “How To Set Healthy Boundaries in Relationships”

How To Keep Focused On God While Waiting For The “One”

Anyone who has known me for a short amount of time has probably heard me talk about how I was convinced that God’s plan for my life was to never be married. Let me go ahead and tell you…that’s totally okay! Marriage doesn’t define who we are as a person. However, let me fully discloseContinue reading “How To Keep Focused On God While Waiting For The “One””

Newlywed Advice to Making a Relationship Work (Featuring Hubs)

SURPRISE!! I actually convinced my husband to help me write today’s post! To be fair, all I asked of him was to give me a few things he’d like to share about how to have a relationship that honors God and each other 🙂 easy right?! We’ve obviously been married for all of five minutes,Continue reading “Newlywed Advice to Making a Relationship Work (Featuring Hubs)”