How To Keep Focused On God While Waiting For The “One”

Anyone who has known me for a short amount of time has probably heard me talk about how I was convinced that God’s plan for my life was to never be married. Let me go ahead and tell you…that’s totally okay! Marriage doesn’t define who we are as a person. However, let me fully discloseContinue reading “How To Keep Focused On God While Waiting For The “One””

June (Target) Favorites

June officially has been the fastest month of them all. I can’t even understand how this month has come and gone so quickly but it means we’re one month closer to fall which is my favorite so I won’t complain. Target has always been my go to but with all the summer sales and funContinue reading “June (Target) Favorites”

How To Eat & Drink To Stay Healthy

Notice this isn’t titled how to be skinny, or how to lose weight. So let me be very clear, I am in no way a health professional. I am in no way saying these methods are all you need to be healthy. However I do know a few things about how to eat properly andContinue reading “How To Eat & Drink To Stay Healthy”