April Favorites

April showers bring May flowers and that is the most obvious sign that warm weather is upon us! Fall is and will forever be my favorite season but let me tell you the JOY I feel when the weather is finally nice and cozy and the sun is shinning in through my bedroom windows. There’sContinue reading “April Favorites”

Springtime Self Care

Bet you never considered that different seasons could mean different ways to care for yourself huh? In the winter my self care has to include more time moisturizing my dry skin, some people have those fancy sunlight lamps that trick your brain into thinking it’s sunny, we all consider sipping on hot cocoa a selfContinue reading “Springtime Self Care”

How To Spend A Weekend In Savannah GA

For our one year anniversary and make-up honey moon my husband and I spent some time in Savannah. Both of us love Savannah and wanted to specifically spend St.Patrick’s Day there because of all the fun stuff they do. Even after years of visiting this beautiful city, I personally had never done much more thanContinue reading “How To Spend A Weekend In Savannah GA”

Spring Wardrobe Transition

So tomorrow is the official start of spring! After a pretty cold winter, I am welcoming a nice beautiful and hopefully WARM spring. However, here in the south it takes a little extra time to warm up sometimes and the need for transitioning your wardrobe can be difficult but important. Layer Everything My favorite thingContinue reading “Spring Wardrobe Transition”