How To Spend A Weekend In Savannah GA

For our one year anniversary and make-up honey moon my husband and I spent some time in Savannah. Both of us love Savannah and wanted to specifically spend St.Patrick’s Day there because of all the fun stuff they do. Even after years of visiting this beautiful city, I personally had never done much more thanContinue reading “How To Spend A Weekend In Savannah GA”

Spring Wardrobe Transition

So tomorrow is the official start of spring! After a pretty cold winter, I am welcoming a nice beautiful and hopefully WARM spring. However, here in the south it takes a little extra time to warm up sometimes and the need for transitioning your wardrobe can be difficult but important. Layer Everything My favorite thingContinue reading “Spring Wardrobe Transition”

1 Year Married (Things We Didn’t Expect)

On Sunday Nicholas and I will celebrate our first year of marriage. For the longest time I heard that the first year is the hardest for all the change that it brings to your life. Little did the two of us know that the day of our wedding North Carolina would shut down and we’dContinue reading “1 Year Married (Things We Didn’t Expect)”

Making Marriage Last (Advice From Mom & Dad) 30 Plus Years

On March 10th my parents will have been married for 31 years. I asked them both to give me their two top secrets for making marriage last this long, which I will share below but first I want to give a little insight from my perspective as their daughter. Childhood Growing up the biggest thingContinue reading “Making Marriage Last (Advice From Mom & Dad) 30 Plus Years”