How To Refocus Your Goals For 2021

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Can you believe we made it through the craziness of 2020? Going into 2020 I was so full of excitement and expectation. I got married, most of the major holidays were celebrated on the weekends which is awesome, it was a leap year, we had a major election, and so many other cool things were happening; What was there to NOT be excited about?

But now? Now we made it into another new year, and I’m sure I’m not alone in that most of my goals for 2020 were majorly halted because of the pandemic. Trips I wanted to take were cancelled, events were cancelled and in general my entire life was flipped upside down. So how do we refocus those goals and make a giant step into 2021?

Write Lists

Hi, I’m Camille and I am utterly obsessed with list making. I don’t even really know what my life would be without all of my lists. I will say with full confidence that making lists is a great habit to get yourself into. Write down anything that you didn’t get to accomplish in 2020 and rededicate it to 2021. I think everyone gets a free pass for last year anyway.

Pray and then Pray again

Obviously it’s incredibly important to commit plans over to the Lord. The Bible teaches us that God doesn’t operate based on OUR plans but His own, or OUR timing but His timing. It is clear that God knows the desires of our heart and if what we want is in His will He has promised that it will happen. So write those dreams, goals and desires down then repeatedly give them over to God. There is absolutely no better way to start this year off on the right foot than to be committing every part of yourself to God. He is and always will be in total control and all we have to do is submit to His plans.

Focus on You, not on Them

I talk a lot about focusing on yourself and staying in your own lane. This is huge when we’re writing out goals and dreams. I have often been left disappointment and hurt when I “dreamed” something that was really just me focusing on what someone else had and thinking it’s what I needed to. When you’re making that 2021 goals list, stay off social media and keep focused on what YOU really want and need to accomplish. Allow yourself some time to dig deep and reflect on what you want at the end of the year to have manifested for your life. Don’t waste even a second looking at someone else’s life and comparing your own. God has a plan for YOU and for THEM and it’s unlikely that it will ever look the same.

Dream Big

One of the few times that God allows us to test Him is in His faithfulness to us. The caveat here is that not everything that we dream or want is how God will answer us. What I mean is, you may pray for years about getting your dream job and when you finally land a job, it’s not what you expected or what you thought it would be but when you take a moment you’ll realize it’s exactly what you NEEDED but maybe not what you WANTED.

It’s that age ole lesson of parents knowing what’s better for their kids than the kid does. God is the same way and knows our heart more than we do. That being said, DREAM BIG! Lay it all on the line for God and tell Him everything you want in life. Tell God all of the accomplishments you’re dreaming of or life that you see for yourself. I promise He can handle it. Just remember it may not look like you thought but God in all His love and wisdom will surely answer you.

Prepare for setbacks

I think it’s clear that almost all of 2020 was a setback for most of us. I love the saying ” A set back is a set up for a comeback”. It’s so true!! Sometimes we have to fail, or not get what we wanted in order to get something greater. I by no means wanted to NOT have my album out last year but God had bigger and better in mind and this year I’m fully ready for a comeback story! That may not be what I have planned, but I know that God is faithful and every set back is already calculated in HIS plan for me. You have to learn to go with the flow when it comes to operating under the Holy Spirit and following God. Get yourself in the right mindset for the year and know that setbacks are OKAY!!

Keep Goals Fresh in Your Mind

One of the biggest downfalls we all make is that we set these awesome goals at the beginning of the year and then two weeks later we don’t even know what they are. Insert, making a vision board. I have a post about this from last year and it’s a really great tool at keeping you focused and reminding you daily of what goals you have. Most importantly this keeps your mindset right and keeps you from making decisions that go against your goal. What that means is if my goal is to lose 20 pounds by summer and I have that on my vision board that I see every day, it’s unlikely that I’ll then go eat a half dozen donuts at dinner time because it’s fresh in my mind what my goal is. Positive reinforcement here people!!

That’s all I have for you on this first day of a fresh new year. Just remember that the goal here is really to draw closer to Jesus so spend some time today with Him and allow Him to speak some dreams, goals and vision into your heart. HAPPY 2021 FRIENDS! Let’s pray is turns out a little more productive than last year 😉


How To Keep Christmas Day Focused On Jesus

Typically I do favorites for the month on the last Friday of the month. Obviously today is a super special day and instead of making it a post about products, I wanted to share the significance of today and how to make the story of the birth of Jesus, easier to apply in 2020.

We focus on gifts and products and shopping for basically a month, and then Christmas Day arrives and we tear into the gifts we’ve bought each other and then what? Most of us spend the day sleeping, watching TV, snacking, playing with new gifts, posting pictures of our new items and everything but thinking about why we celebrate this day in the first place.

Don’t get me wrong, Jesus received gifts too and I truly believe that God loves to see us share gifts with one another, as a way to show our love for each other. This day can be especially exciting if gifts is one of your top love languages. But what exactly are we celebrating? What is the significance of us giving gifts to one another? Allow me the next couple of minutes to explain the importance of this day.

What is the significance of the birth of Jesus?

Without getting too complex and digging all the way into Jewish culture and history, Jesus was at the time a sign from God that the Israelite’s had long waited for. They were promised a savior that would free them from their slavery, from their ridicule, from their misery. Jesus was the answer to everything they had been hoping for.

For us today, over two thousand years later, it’s still a sign of freedom. We don’t often think of ourselves in Western Culture especially, as enslaved. The modern terminology has given us a complex that forces us to believe that because we have no “owner” that we’re free. The jokes on us. The Bible teaches us that the moment we enter the world, we’re a slave to sin (Romans 6:20-22). Sin is the ultimate slave and without Jesus we’d be enslaved forever with no hope of ever being free.

The old testament teaches us that the only way that Jews could experience forgiveness for their sin at one time, was to offer sacrifices (living ones at that). That is until Jesus stepped on the scene. Without the birth of Jesus, we wouldn’t have had the death and resurrection of Jesus, which means that to this day the only way to satisfy to wrath of God would be to offer sacrifices. How grateful I am that Jesus sacrifices himself so I don’t have to sacrifice anything else. Just pause for a moment and take in the realization of what this means. Jesus coming down to Earth, allows us FREEDOM. Freedom to do anything we want, receive grace from God and keep living our lives. So much goodness of God is in that truth.

What should we take away from the story?

The story about Mary and Joseph and the long trail they took and all that they endured just to have Jesus is nothing short of a miracle itself. The story (Luke 2:1-20) is one that I recommend you spend today reading, but also is a beautiful gift to us about the goodness and faithfulness of God. See without Jesus being born on this special day, we would never have really seen the full grace of God. Don’t get me wrong, the old testament is still FULL of examples of God’s grace for His people, but there’s an intimacy and a tangible nature that Jesus brought to us.

The day Jesus was born, was the day that we were allowed to see the face of God. The day Jesus was born was the day that God Himself put on human flesh and allowed us to feel Him, to see Him, to talk with Him, to cry and laugh with Him. The day Jesus was born is the day that God allowed us to fully experience Him. The story of Jesus’ birth is OUR story, is the perfect example of the strife and pain that we experience in life only to be met with our salvation and freedom in Christ.

How to spend time on Christmas honoring Jesus

Other than the obvious, which is literally spending time alone with God today I would implore you to take a moment to evaluate your life. Are you sitting on a comfy couch reading this blog with gifts and family all around? Are you reading this on your new phone or laptop? Are you at work reading this blog? Are you surrounded by blessings and joy and happiness? Take a moment to thank God today. Remember for just a moment that without Jesus, you wouldn’t even be celebrating this beautiful day. Remember that without Jesus, Christmas wouldn’t be one of the only Holiday’s that is universally celebrated, which is itself totally crazy.

Love People

It’s one of the easiest times of the year to love people. One of my favorite things about Christmas is the tangible shift in the air and the way that everyone treats one another. I’m usually an emotional wreck around Christmas because everyone is just so kind and loving. To me, that says something about just how special this Holiday is. Jesus was and is the perfect example and fulfillment of God’s love for us and there’s something totally second nature and involuntary about how much we love other’s on this day. I can’t think of any better way to show Jesus how much you love Him, than by intentionally loving the people in your life. I know that it’s much easier said than done, but spend some time today just spreading love. I know that God’s heart is filled with joy when He see’s His children loving one another.

Merry Christmas my friend. May you spend today taking in every moment of goodness, laughter, joy and splendor that today brings each of us. I pray that everyone who reads this is reminded of the beautiful story of Jesus and His love for you.


December Favorites (Christmas Edition)

This month’s favorites is a little early because I have a really special blog planned for Christmas Day and I also wanted to give you guys a little extra time to get some products ordered if you find something here that you absolutely love. I’ve also been posting gifts pretty much all month long on my Like to Know account and you’ve hopefully been following along there. Nevertheless, let’s dive in!

Thick Socks
We went on a camping trip in October and it wasn’t even “that cold” yet and because I didn’t wear the appropriate type of socks I promise I thought my feet were going to fall off over night. Insert, the most comfy, cozy and thick socks. These are also a really great price for two pair that I absolutely have loved.

Facial Steamer
This is one of those things I put on a wish list years ago and I’m so glad that I did. I probably would have never bought it for myself but now that I know how amazing it is, I certainly would. It’s perfect for those times that I want a luxurious “me” day, need a little help breathing if I’m having allergies or just need to steam my face before I do a face mask. Facial steamers have about 100 different uses and this one in particular comes with some really useful facial tools.

Trench Coat
Even if you’re not big on the fashion trends and don’t care about owning this seasons hottest jacket, let me tell you my favorite thing about this jacket. As pictured above, I literally wear pajamas or sweat pants or whatever comfies I have on and put this jacket on and instantly everyone things I’m trendy. It’s so easy to throw on last minute and because of that camel color, it goes with absolutely everything.

10 Foot Iphone Charger Cord
This one is another item that you don’t realize you need until you have one. It’s also a perfect stocking stuffer that everyone will be grateful for. I have one in almost every room and they seriously make my life much easier.

Fleece Blanket
Nick and I officially have our OWN individual fleece blankets that we are obsessed with. We also have a third one for guests, the dog or just to have on our bed for extra cold nights. These are a MUST have for the cold, especially when your husband prefers to have the heat turned down pretty low in the colder months 😉

Matching Jogger Sets
I’ve become utterly obsessed with matching joggers and tops. I wear them as pj’s, I wear them out and about running errands, I wear then to lounge around the house. I basically live in them. It’s the easiest and most comfortable way to look cute with minimal effort. These are my cold weather version of a sundress. I recommend looking around for the style that suits you best but these are definitely a trend that is here to stay.

Pour Over Coffee Maker
We had a one cup pour over coffee maker until recently. We actually didn’t use it for a long while because it was to time consuming trying to make multiple cups with this tiny little contraption. However, if it’s just you I would suggest getting the one cup size but we have fallen (back) in love with our pour over coffee. You’ll need a kettle or a way to heat up water to an almost boiling point as well to use a pour over coffee efficiently so keep that in mind. But if you are ready for some of the best home made coffee in your life, go ahead and grab this guy!

Jade Roller
I don’t think I’ve ever shared about my jade roller because I thought everyone was familiar with them. I found out recently that this was not the case. This roller is life changing. Particularity for those mornings that I feel like I’m having to be dragged out of bed and can barely open my eyes, my jade roller steps up and saves the day. The roller’s are almost ALWAYS cold so I use to smaller side to get rid of the puffy eyes and the cooler temperature helps wake me up in the morning. I also use this with face masks or serums, to help push product into my skin. Jade rollers have a TON of benefits, and are the perfect quick gift for any one in your life.

Room Spray
Okay the two room sprays that I have were actually gifted to me by my mom and my mother in law BUT thank God that they did. The first one I had from my mom was a pumpkin spice spray that I loved using in the fall and once we transitioned over to Christmas, my MIL gifted me a Christmas scent just in time. Even better, both of the bottles are cute and easy to use as decorations around the house too. I like to spritz a little in the morning or when someone is coming over and give the room a nice light clean and festive smell that isn’t as overwhelming as candles or other sprays can be.

Silk Robe
I may have mentioned this item before but this is an absolutely amazing gift for others or for yourself 😉 There’s something about wearing my silk robe around the house that makes any day feel so much more luxurious and relaxing. These are just one of those items that I think every woman on Earth deserves to have.

MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Please remember that Christmas is NOT all about gifts, and you don’t NEED anything. We are all so richly blessed and if you have loved ones around you for the Holiday’s that is more than enough. I simply hope this is a good resource to help you with ideas if you’re needing them.


How to Give Gifts From the Heart (that friends and family will actually love)

A few years ago I found myself struggling for the longest time on what to get special people in my life for Christmas. Then I realized that as I get older, I actually enjoy thoughtful gifts more than just materialistic things and I have to assume that others do too. Along with a few unique ideas, I want to share some tips on how to listen to your loved ones or to learn what they might like.


Starting with the most obvious, is listening to what people say they want. I love catching someone talking about something they’d love to have and knowing they wouldn’t buy it for themselves. The key here is obviously writing it down or relying on your memory 😉 I try to pay attention when someone talks a lot about an item they would love to have or feel like they need.


Another pretty obvious tip is to simply ask someone what they’d like. The tip here is to do it early enough. You want to have time to find or order what they want and truthfully you probably want them to forget they asked for it (lol) so that you can surprise them. My husbands family is the BEST at this. They start asking sometime in November for everyone to list a few items they’d like. It’s super simple and kind of fun, like a childhood memory of making a list for Santa!

Be Creative

There’s something about us that instinctively thinks that if we spend a lot of money on something, that there’s a higher value on it from others too. The issue there is that everyone values things differently. For example, I don’t really get impressed by expensive cars but some people LIVEEE for them; It’s just personal differences. Giving gifts is the same way. My husband is especially good at giving gifts that are special and meaningful and aren’t typically high in cost. A great place to find unique gifts is this website. They have super cool stuff that you wouldn’t find elsewhere and are really creative and special. You can also shop local in your town, online at Etsy or Amazon Hand Made.

Create Something

Speaking of creative, some of my favorite gifts of all time are things that people have made for me themselves. It doesn’t really have to be anything massive or crazy expensive to make but I truly feel like everyone loves to know that you made something just for them. It takes so much more time to do, but that’s part of the reason it’s so special. For example one of my best friends made a picture collage on a canvas of a bunch of old photos of us growing up and used modge podge to keep the photos on. It hangs in my office to this day because it’s so special to me. I’ve had friends make me custom wine glasses, make me yarn key chains and all kinds of little projects that ended up meaning so much to me.

Remember love languages

It’s important to note that not everyone’s “Gift” love language is very high. Technically mine is right in the middle which means I do enjoy receiving a gift from you, but it’s not the top way to show you care about me. Take into consideration what someone’s love language is and give them a “gift” that matches that. For example, if their love language is physical touch, maybe give them a coupon book full of massage credits from you (obviously this depends on who the person is lol). If their love language is quality time, maybe an enjoyable evening out or coffee date with just the two of you. This is another chance to get creative. My mom in years past has purchased car cleaning gift cards for my dad, or he’s gotten her things to help keep her organized. They might not seem like a big deal to others, but to them these are perfect gifts that actually mean something.

Plan ahead

The absolute best and most important advice I can give here to plan ahead. I’ve received and given the worst gifts by not prepping ahead of time. Now any gift is still a way to show that you’ve thought of someone but honestly there have been a handful of times where I have wasted money on something that I realized later I never needed to gift and I could have spent that money in a better way on the person I love. Even most custom items only take a few weeks to have ready, so not too much time is needed to plan ahead. By the time you’re reading this, hopefully you’ve put some thought into what you’re going to get loved ones, and if not, I would suggest following some of the above suggestions 😉

Keep the main thing, the main thing

Now an important thing to note here is that you should remember the Holiday season is more about time spent with loved ones than about gifts given. Try to keep in mind that yes people love to be spoiled with nice things and thoughtful gifts, but the gift of your presence will always outweigh the amount of money you spend on anything. With that said, BE PRESENT. When you’re with loved ones and close friends, make sure to put your phone away and eliminate distractions and simply enjoy time spent with them. I promise that is the best gift you can ever give a person.

Happy Holidays friends,

How to Make Time For Everyone During the Holidays (Introvert Edition)

This may come as a surprise to some, but Nick and I are both introverts. Admittedly, Nick is more introverted than myself but we both would much rather spend time just the two of us than with literally anyone (sorry friends and family we still love you! lol).

Holidays that begin pretty much at Halloween and continue for the rest of the year, can be overwhelming if you’re anything like us. Not to mention we both have families that all expect to see us for each Holiday (minus Halloween and maybe New Year)and friends that want to spend time with us too. Either way, it’s a huge blessing to be so close to family and friends, but it can truly be more exhausting if you don’t manage your time correctly.

Luckily I’ve spent about 5 years now perfecting the art of making time for everyone and even with the last couple of years adding Nick’s family and friends into the mix, I think we’ve figured out a pretty good plan to stick to until children come along and change everything.


I think the most obvious tip here is to consolidate friends and family gatherings. We luckily have pretty much the same groups of friends and that makes it easy to knock out seeing everyone at one gathering instead of having to go several places. Making sure that you group together all the friends that know each other makes it comfortable for everyone as well and probably more enjoyable in general.

Same goes for family members! If you can find ways to see more family members in one place, DO IT! This also just makes the Holiday’s more enjoyable anyway, when you can see all the family members you haven’t seen since last year.

No, is a complete sentence

This is my mantra going into 2021. I have felt the need to give excuses for not wanting to do something basically my entire life. I’ve also worked equally as hard at surrounding myself with people who understand that my “no” doesn’t mean it’s personal or that I don’t love them or want to spend time with them. My “no” simply means “not this time”.

You do need to be careful using no, because obviously you can hurt someone’s feelings if it’s something really special to them or if you use it too often. However, make sure you check in with how you feel when you say No to someone. Do they have a tendency to try and emotionally manipulate you into feeling bad? If so, have a conversation. I’ve had to explain to friends and family over the years that I’m not saying “no” to be mean, it’s just that I simply don’t have the capacity to do everything all the time. Those conversations have always gone really well and I’m sure they will for you too.

The Holidays are special times and my feeling is that you probably won’t say no very much, but make sure that you’re only doing what you have the capacity to do. If you’re not able to make it to a party because you need some rest, or some down time….don’t feel bad for that. People that love you should understand when rest is a priority.


Another tip is to prioritize. There’s been a couple of years that I just had to show up late to something because my family was having an overlapping event. Other times I’ve had to reschedule all together. Either way, make sure you’re keeping what matters the most to YOU at the forefront of your Holiday plans. My guess is that most of us prioritize family over friends, but if you’re someone who isn’t close to your family, no shame in your game! The key here is to make sure you’re not over doing it and trying to squeeze in too many things at the same time.

Write it down

One of the biggest culprits to not being able to see everyone around the Holiday’s is because we don’t put an invite in our calendar. Especially for those of you who visit from out of town for the Holiday’s, I know it’s hard to make time to see everyone and do everything in a short amount of time. Insert, WRITING IT DOWN!! A huge phenomenon I know HA!

But seriously, it’s so important to keep invitations written wherever works best for you. For me personally it’s multiple places. I have my phone calendar loaded with events as well as my personal hand written planner. This also makes it easier for me not to leave someone hanging and I can instantly look either place to see if we already have plans at the same time or if it would be too many events in one day.

That’s all I’ve got friends! I know that COVID has probably affected most of our normal plans and we likely don’t have as many parties to attend, but I have been so overwhelmed for the longest time and I felt like it was important to share this either way.

Ultimately just be true to yourself and never feel bad for needing some time for yourself, even during the Holiday season. Praying that you have an amazing Holiday season this year and that you have the most joy filled experience.