How I Do My Eyebrows. Tutorial and Product Review (Maybelline Tattoo VS Anastasia Beverly Hills)

This is clearly only going to interest some of you, but you would be totally shocked at how often people mention something about my eyebrows. At least once a week I get a comment or a question about them. So I decided to give you guys a quick little video AND a breakdown for thoseContinue reading “How I Do My Eyebrows. Tutorial and Product Review (Maybelline Tattoo VS Anastasia Beverly Hills)”

Newlywed Advice to Making a Relationship Work (Featuring Hubs)

SURPRISE!! I actually convinced my husband to help me write today’s post! To be fair, all I asked of him was to give me a few things he’d like to share about how to have a relationship that honors God and each other 🙂 easy right?! We’ve obviously been married for all of five minutes,Continue reading “Newlywed Advice to Making a Relationship Work (Featuring Hubs)”

Summer Favorite Foods (Healthy Alternatives)

So can we all agree that no matter how hard we work for our #summerbod, we definitely end up blowing all that hard work when summer actually arrives? It’s ice cream heaven, tons of yummy drinks and don’t forget all the July 4th madness we have! Needless to say, it’s easy to negate all theContinue reading “Summer Favorite Foods (Healthy Alternatives)”

April Favorites

I can hardly believe the month of April has come and gone. I’ve been married for a month already and all of that time has been spent in the house with my husband and our dog. Honestly it’s been such a blessing because I firmly believe that if Nick and I can make it throughContinue reading “April Favorites”

Quarantine DIY Ideas

Not sure when or how it happened but about two months ago I all of sudden gained this interest in making things at home to reduce cost, reduce unneeded waste and honestly it was partly for the instagram flex 😉 With most of us staying at home these days, these may also be some waysContinue reading “Quarantine DIY Ideas”