How To Reconcile Your Spending Differences

This is a pretty interesting topic in our family. I was raised as an only child (long story short neither of my siblings lived with me growing up) which means I was spoiled. There I said it. It’s out in the open, now we can move on. Aside from that, I’ve worked my butt offContinue reading “How To Reconcile Your Spending Differences”

How To Forgive Someone You’ll Never Receive An Apology From

Yes let’s take a moment to collectively admit that this is going to be a heavy topic. I’ll keep it short sweet and to the point for all our sakes but first let’s do the right thing and start off with some scripture shall we? Ephesians 4:32 : “Be kind and compassionate to one another,Continue reading “How To Forgive Someone You’ll Never Receive An Apology From”

How To Make Valentine’s Day At Home Feel Like A Special Night Out

Even before COVID, Nick and I have liked spending most date nights or Holiday’s in and the last couple of years have spent Valentine’s Day in on purpose. There’s less cost, less people and in general easier to relax and enjoy this precious holiday. So if COVID has got your valentines day plans all messedContinue reading “How To Make Valentine’s Day At Home Feel Like A Special Night Out”

How To Read The Entire Bible This Year

If you’ve been following along this month then you know that I’ve been spending the month of January tackling some of the topics that hopefully will help you set yourself in motion for a great 2021. One of the best things you can do for yourself this year is to commit to daily time readingContinue reading “How To Read The Entire Bible This Year”