April Favorites

April showers bring May flowers and that is the most obvious sign that warm weather is upon us! Fall is and will forever be my favorite season but let me tell you the JOY I feel when the weather is finally nice and cozy and the sun is shinning in through my bedroom windows. There’s just something about spring that’s such a reminder of God’s FRESH anointing, goodness, glory and mercy in our lives. Below are some products that I love for spring and summer and help bring me maximum enjoyment.

Straw Sun Visor
I asked for this for my birthday and my sweet husband got it for me and boy oh boy is this an absolute MUST for spring and summer. It’s got a nice oversized brim that keeps more sun out of my face as well as being absolutely adorable and making any day in the sun just feel more posh. It goes with any outfit or swimsuit you could wear too, which is an added bonus.

Amazon Dresses
I live for a good amazon dress and honestly these are some of the best quality pieces I own, including dresses from high-end stores and brands. I have made a commitment to myself to stop wearing jeans and sweats all the time and dress up a little more (thanks quarantine) . The best part about these is that they are versatile and can be dressed up or down.

Spring Press On Nails
There’s just something about having a fresh set of nails that makes me feel like my life is totally together. However, I absolutely HATE getting them done at the salon. Between the smells, the price, the long time it takes and now having to worry about all the covid restrictions, I’m incredibly grateful for companies that make sets I can do at home that are equally as adorable.

Quay Sunnies
These sunglasses are a little pricey (except when they’re on sale like they are now) but they are SUCH good quality, extremely dark and come in some of the cutest most on trend styles. Quay will forever be one of my favorite places to stock on sunnies from…sorry Ray-Ban.

Tanologist Self Tanner Products
Another staple of summer is self-tanner. This brand is a dupe for a higher end company and a fraction of the cost. I use the dark color and it’s still a gorgeous, natural looking tone. The negative is definitely the scent, but if you put it on at night and go to bed like I do, you really don’t notice it. Just make sure you shower in the morning.

Best Skin Ever Foundation
I was influenced to buy this from an instagram ad and thank God I did. It’s perfect coverage (especially for summer) and honestly looks like my natural skin but better. It’s not heavy and cakey and makes it looks like you have a ton of foundation on but covers you well enough to hide those sleepy eyes or blemishes. Don’t ask me how though, it’s just science.

Mask Chain
I chuckled even writing that because I can’t believe we’re at a place in life that this is needed, but here we are. I saw these coming in trend last year and thought they were ridiculous until I realized how often I set my mask down on a surface that has god knows what on it. This comes in handy because I also never leave it anywhere or have to search all over my purse to find it. Since masks are here to stay for a while, why not have something that just makes it easier.

Weather gets warmer, inside gets colder. That’s the never ending cycle that I hate about summer. I usually take a cardigan everywhere with me and this year I bought this new, coffee colored one that goes with everything I could possibly wear plus has a belt to help keep it on. One of my favorite purchases so far.

That’s all folks!!! Hope you find some goodies from this list or at least enjoy reading about my shopping HAHA. Until next time, Happy Spring!!


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