Springtime Self Care

Bet you never considered that different seasons could mean different ways to care for yourself huh? In the winter my self care has to include more time moisturizing my dry skin, some people have those fancy sunlight lamps that trick your brain into thinking it’s sunny, we all consider sipping on hot cocoa a self care ritual. So what changes when the flowers begin to bloom, the sun is out for more hours in the day and we need to make changes to our daily routines.

Outdoor Activities

I think the most obvious one is being outside! Self care can include anything from just sitting on the porch (which I do almost daily), or going on walks in the afternoon (also daily) and of course lot’s of outdoor dining! Time outside is good for your soul, I promise. Especially on the days that my depression is kicking in, I head right outside and most of the time instantly feel better (especially when that time outside is used walking to the local ice cream shop with my hubby 😉 ) Make spending about 15-20 minutes outside a top priority on your list each day.


Later on the SPF friend. This isn’t just for women either!! MEN hear me loud and clear that you need to take care of your skin just as well. The skin you have is all that you’re getting and honestly putting on some sunscreen is not that time consuming. My advice, leave a bottle next to your keys or bag, or even in your car (but be careful it may get too hot and the chemicals begin to breakdown over time). Whatever works be for you to remember to at least put some on the exposed areas is an excellent way to take care of your body.

Wardrobe Overhaul

Another, probably obvious one is updating and refreshing your wardrobe. This doesn’t have to cost you any money but can be an excellent way to give yourself a mood boost or a confidence booster. If you’re like me, you have spring/summer items packed away in the attack and it’s like Christmas when you remember all the awesome stuff you have! Find a way to update some old pieces if you need to or just have a try on session and find yourself a way to get excited about making your pieces fit with this years trends.

Clean Out Your Phone

This one is different for everyone, but one of the things that overwhelms me on a regular basis is my phone being cluttered. This could mean unsubscribing from all those unnecessary email lists, removing certain apps I don’t use, or just clearing out my photos. Either way, in typical “Spring Cleaning” fashion, it’s a really good way to keep your mind clear when you refresh things in every area of your life.

Update Your Daily Routine

Similar to spending more time outside is changing the manor in which you do things. For example for myself, I like to try and workout earlier in the morning rather than the afternoon so that I can make more time to do fun activities in the evening. In the winter, the difference is that it takes way more time for me to get up and going so I choose to exercise later in the day. Making minor (or even major) changes to your typical routine can make a major difference in the flow of your day which can lead to future you being a happy happy camper!

Double Your Hydration

I’ll leave you with this one! DRINK WATER! Below is a link to a really cute but helpful water bottle that keeps you on track all day for drinking water. There’s also one that will literally notify your phone when it’s time for you to drink water. This is always important, but in the summer, as we’re sweating and spending more time outside, we’re losing more water and need to replenish that. Taking care of yourself starts from the inside out. Being hydrated is one of the first steps to overall health.

Hope these little self-care tips inspire you this spring and keep you focused on goals and refreshing yourself. With each new season I’m always reminded of God’s faithfulness and goodness in my life and I love to spend time checking in with each new change in the season. Spend some time just evaluating your goals, your physical and mental health and making changes where needed.

Happy Spring Friends!

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