How To Spend A Weekend In Savannah GA

For our one year anniversary and make-up honey moon my husband and I spent some time in Savannah. Both of us love Savannah and wanted to specifically spend St.Patrick’s Day there because of all the fun stuff they do. Even after years of visiting this beautiful city, I personally had never done much more than the typical visit to River Street and the mall but this time around we took in as much as we could possibly do. If you’re thinking of a fun girls weekend or romantic getaway, or even just a fun family trip everything I have here is just for you!

Places to Stay

We went with a choice hotel that was right beside the mall but these options are some of my favorite. Everything is much closer than you would think in Savannah so don’t fear staying a couple miles away from the downtown area.

Courtyard by Marriott
River Street Inn
Hyatt Regency Savannah

What to Eat

Tubby’s On River Street -Our number one choice that we’ll be going to for years to come! HAVE to get the Blue Crab Dip.
Social Club-Right beside a really fun little dance bar (social club get it) with great music.
The Pirate’s House– Another favorite that we’ll continue visiting forever.
Black Riffle Coffee– Nick actually found these guys online last year and we’ve been loving their coffee. Some proceeds go to support the military and veterans.
River Street Sweets– If you know you know!
Moon River Brewing Co.- Really good food and cute little moon crescent flight holders.
Leopolds Ice Cream– We stumbled upon this 40 minute wait for ice cream, but we were not left disappointment.
Lady & Son’s– Maybe it was an off night, but we didn’t love the service or even the food for that matter. Just your regular Sunday dinner when you’re from the south. I will say to visit here if for nothing else than to say you’ve been.

What to Do

Visit River Street – You can honestly spend about half a day or more just on this one street in Savannah. There’s so many places to go, things to do, food to eat and history to learn about.
Oglethorpe Mall– A surprisingly convenient placed mall and lots of good shopping to do here as well.
Old Savannah Tours- Plan to do the “Hop on/off” tour and start your day doing one full ride through. You’ll learn all the best places to eat, go dancing, grab drinks and a TON of historical information about good ole Savannah. Then spend the rest of the day using the trolly as your transportation hopping on and off at different stops.
Shopping Downtown– Head towards the river and you’ll find streets and streets lined with fun things to do. You’ll want to wear the most comfy shoes you own because you’ll feel like there’s never ending streets of stores, restaurants, live music and more.
Prohibition Museum– Also found in the heart of downtown, we really enjoyed this history museum with real life characters, interactive portraits and really well made wax figures. Plus if you’re into that sort of thing, you can try cocktails that are true to before the 1930’s with ingredients I’m sure you’ve never heard of.
Sight Seeing– More walking but well worth it. There is SO much rich history in Savannah and lucky for us, a lot of it is free to take in. Churches, old historic buildings, the cemetery with an interesting secret (you’ll learn on the trolly tour) and so many places that world famous movies have been filmed. Simply just walking around you are sure to discover some really amazing things.
Farmer’s Market– Saturday mornings are made for fresh food. The Farmer’s Market is downtown Savannah will not disappoint you! We even found a new favorite food, Cubana’s aka Guava Bread (mouth watering I promise).

I think my list could go on forever, but these were some of the highlights of this trip for us. All in all like I mentioned before this beautiful place if so full of life and fun and is sure to be a great time for everyone. If you have any questions, or somewhere you think should be added to the list please don’t hesitate to reach out 🙂


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