Spring Wardrobe Transition

So tomorrow is the official start of spring! After a pretty cold winter, I am welcoming a nice beautiful and hopefully WARM spring. However, here in the south it takes a little extra time to warm up sometimes and the need for transitioning your wardrobe can be difficult but important.

Layer Everything

My favorite thing is layering pieces. I wear leggings, tights, cardigans and hats a lot during the transition periods of the year. You can dress warmer as need be and remove layers if you get hotter throughout the day. Don’t forget to lighten the load as well with different materials that are lighter.

Swap Out Shoes

This is the time of the year that a lot of my boots and heavier shoes go back into their hibernation and out come my lighter weight, and open toed shoes. Keep in mind what the morning weather will be versus the evening weather but usually here in NC it’s just cooler in the morning and nice and warm later in the day.

Change Colors

If you know me at all then you know that I love the color black. I personally wear black most of the time but the older I get the more I seem to enjoy other colors too. With that being said, spring transition is the perfect time to introduce lighter colors back into your wardrobe. It’s one of the easiest ways to bring some life back into your wardrobe.

Consider Jewelry

I don’t think many people realize the impact that jewelry can have on your wardrobe. Typically for me in the winter I wear a lot more gold and sparkly jewelry and in the spring I switch to my smaller more dainty items that liven up an outfit. Consider making slight changes to your jewelry since accessories always make a change.

These are all of my favorite ways to transition out of my winter into the warmer more light colored spring clothes. There are so many options and I hope you find a way to make it fun for yourself.


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