February Favorites

February has been an especially cold month this year and I made sure to bring out all of my comfiest, coziest gear to survive. Here were some of my favorite items this month.

Lined Beanie
Found these at Walmart in the men’s section and boy am I glad we did. I have a few beanies that to be totally honest are legit only for looks and do not actually provide a single bit of warmth. Thankfully, we have these that both Nick and I can wear when we need to. So cheap but high quality feeling and material and a perfect amount of warmth.

Amazon Sunglasses
These are pretty much the only sunglasses I wear now. They just look good on absolutely everyone and for the price they are worth it. I have the black but will be asking for the brown on whatever upcoming excuse I have to ask for a gift lol

Large Claw Hair Clips
I think the common theme of my buying is that i’m very skeptical of “popular” items. When everyone all over the internet is saying something is a must have, I’m always leary of it. But here we are again. THESE CLIPS!!! I have so much hair yall. It’s long, it’s thick, it’s layered and kind of annoying. No clip on earth has ever been able to hold all of it until now. Not to mention these all come in REALLY cute colors.

Cheese Board
I’m aware that Charcuterie boards have been all the rave for quite some time now, but that’s not the intention with this guy. This I wanted/got specifically for serving actual cheese and crackers and fruit. I love charcuterie boards don’t get me wrong, but I love this board since it has cut outs for the crackers to go so they’re not falling all over the place and the perfect size to place your cheeses (because obviously you have to have multiple weird cheeses that no one has heard of). The size is also great for storage.

Makeup Storage Kit
I have finally reached the age in my life that traveling without some type of organization is an actual nightmare I have. Gone are the days of just throwing every item I own messily into my suitcase and squishing it down with my body weight hoping to GOD it fits. No No, I’m a grown lady now and that means organization. This kit is also just super cute and practical and makes traveling with makeup so much easier and less confusing when I’m in the hotel bathroom trying to figure out where the heck my good moisturizer is.

Comfy Padded Bras
I have a lot of uncomfortable but necessary bras, then I have my sports bras for working out. For forever I was missing something I could just lounge around the house in. Or the type of bra you wear when you don’t feel like actually wearing a bra. Insert these amazing bras! A little lower quality than what I would have purchased for myself in store, but certainly worth the money for the comfort, colors and price!

9MM Barrel Curling Iron
Okay ladies if you’ve been dying to have those adorable ringlet, tight curls or you’re like me and HAD them all your life until you hit your 20’s, this guy is for you! Great price and works like a charm to give you absolutely gorgeous tight curls. Please set aside about an hour of your life to do your entire head, but know you won’t have to touch them for at least a week.

Rare Beauty Melting Blush
For most of the winter my skin is unbearably dry and I have to make changes to not only my skincare but also my makeup. I switch from using mostly powder products to mostly liquid products that help keep my skin looking dewy and glam. I gave this melting blush a try and I will never be able to go back to powder again. This blush is actually less liquid and more like a hybrid of powder and liquid which DUH, why didn’t I think of that. It goes on smooth and creamy like liquid but stays put for hours and looks gorgeous like most powders. This is a repeat purchase for sure.

Eyebrow Gel
This is another item that I’ve lived a long time without and had no problems until I used it for the first time and it changed my life. Even when I don’t add any other products to my brows, this gel just gives them a little extra life and helps them look better overall. This will also last you FOREVER. Absolutely love this and including this in my forever makeup routine.

That’s all for this month friend. Hope you find something you love as much as I do.


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