How To Make Valentine’s Day At Home Feel Like A Special Night Out

Even before COVID, Nick and I have liked spending most date nights or Holiday’s in and the last couple of years have spent Valentine’s Day in on purpose. There’s less cost, less people and in general easier to relax and enjoy this precious holiday. So if COVID has got your valentines day plans all messed up, here’s some advice on how to make the evening a fun one.

Decide on the Mood

First you have to decide what atmosphere you’re setting. Is it you and the girls and you want to have a playful, fun girls night? Are you and the girls in the mood to dress up and have a fancy night in with a three-course meal and champagne? Maybe you just want to wear your comfies and watch romantic comedies for the evening? Once you establish the vibe you’re going for, the rest of the plans fall in order much easier.

Yummy Food

Instead of buying all those heart shaped candies and cakes or molds for pancakes or waffles, spend the time to get things that your loved ones, well… love! That still might include grabbing their favorite candy bar or sweets but make it fun and delicious. Having a bunch of snacks or a three-course meal (whatever mood you’re trying to go for), make sure you include things that they will love too. Nick and I like to get things for another that we both enjoy.


This is a pretty subjective one for me since everyone has their opinion on if decor is needed for valentines day or not. Alas there’s always balloons at the dollar store, that make a cheap but super cute and easy way to make any room feel festive. I’ve always wanted to fill my entire living room with balloons for valentines day but just haven’t gotten around to it. Either way, my advice here, is the less you have to clean up afterwards the better. Go for something that fits your plans for the night.


This is another tricky one but let me be totally honest. MEN LISTEN UP, every single woman on the face of the planet if lying if she says to you that she doesn’t want anything for valentines day. There I said it. Sorry I gave up our secret girls. If it’s your very first valentines day together, no harm in getting a teddy bear, if it’s year 5 or beyond please don’t keep getting her stuffed animals that she’s likely never going to use. Flowers always good, candy (even a healthier version) always good, candles are always good…I can keep going if you need more help but all-in-all this is a special, sweet and fun night just to shower someone with your love and affection. That could be a sweet card or something more lavish, but make it meaningful.


You really can’t have a fun night in without some form of entertainment. That could be games, music or movies. No matter what you decide, make sure that you’re doing something for you to spend time together with the people you’re celebrating with. For example one year my three girlfriends and I got together for valentines day. We were all single at the time. We made dinner together, hung up the decorations, ate, watched a movie and then spent some quality time just chatting. Nothing too lavish but everything we did was us doing it together. We made it entirely about us spending time together and it was so fun and memorable.


A big part of all of this it to PLAN. This is one of those holidays that I hate to see someone rushing to the store last minute trying to find something and everything is picked over or way too expensive. If nothing else, being stuck at home with our loved one’s allows us the opportunity to get to know one another better. If you want to make the night special for someone, you should be able to sit down and plan a fun night for you both or all šŸ™‚

Friend please keep in mind that this is just another chance for you to love on someone. Hopefully it’s not the ONLY night or day of the year that you make special for your loved one’s but it doesn’t hurt to give someone a little extra love and affection.

Ladies I also want to end with this. If you have something specific that you want, ASK FOR IT!! Do not fall victim to thinking he knows what you want. My husband would be perfectly fine if this was just another day of the year, and had I not set the precedent of what my expectations are, he would never have know. Then I would have been left hurt and disappointed. It’s perfectly fine for you to make it clear that you desire certain things.

Fellas that goes for you to. For example my husband let me know what the budget was for this holiday (lol) and that he wanted to take care of planning dinner. You have just as much say as the ladies.

Hope you all have a wonderful, adorable and FUN Valentines Day and just LOVE on one another. Make it a chance to simply enjoy being with one another.


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