January Favorites

I can hardly believe I’m writing the first of this years favorites but here we are! One month into a brand new year. How are we feeling? I know I’ve been incredibly busy but productive and just trying to make this year every bit as wonderful as possible. This year favorites will still fall on the last Friday of each month so be on the lookout for that. Let’s dive in!

Abercrombie Puffer Coat
I vividly remember my mother’s long black hooded puffer coat that she had when I was in high school.. I endlessly ridiculed her about how silly it looks. Now at 29, I added this to my Christmas list. HA! The joys of young women just slowly turning into their mothers is hilarious to me. Anyway, this coat is everything I could have dreamed of and more. It’s buttery soft, lined, has zipper and buttons, is the perfect level of warmth and isn’t too puffy that I feel like to Michelin tire man. It’s a little pricey but I’ll definitely have this coat for years and years to come which means the investment was well worth it. THANKS MOM for being fashionable before the times.

Nude Chunky Boots
One of my favorite pair of shoes has been these nude chunky boots. They go with anything and are SUPER comfortable. Also, being 5’4 it’s nice to have a little extra height sometimes and these are perfect. If you’re into the chunky boot trend, these are a perfect pair.

Buttery Soft Matching Pajama Set
There’s a new line at target that makes THE most comfortable and cutest matching sets for really good prices. This set has been worn non-stop since the beginning of December and I don’t plan on NOT buying more (sorry boo). This one is technically a PJ set but ya girl has definitely worn it under a long trench coat and no one has known otherwise 😉 I’m 5’4 and I got a medium. I have a rather short torso so that size was perfect since the top is cropped.

Fabric Shaver
I put off buying this for forever and decided to throw it into my Christmas list. Thank God I got it!! It seems like an unnecessary tool until you have it. I have used it on basically everything you can imagine and now I have an entire closet of clothes that look brand new. I’ve even used it on some blankets and pillows to make those look brand new too. For the low cost, it’s a perfect item to SAVE your clothes.

Acrylic Jewelry Case
I’m incredibly happy that I got this because I ended up loving it more than I even thought. It’s got the perfect amount of space for my rings, earrings, and the items I wear daily plus it looks very chic and cute on my dresser without taking up too much space.

Small Gold Hoops
Another awesome Target find that I actually bought, misplaced and found again LOL This set comes in a pack of three and I use one for my cartilage piercing so that my earrings all match when I wear the hoops. I absolutely love these since they hug your ear and look cute but aren’t heavy or really even noticeable at all.

Snakeskin Combat Boots
I got my true size in these and there’s still a little room for wearing big chunky socks in the winter if you need to. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!! Wearing platforms and chunky shoes is my new go to. I’m taller than ever and it helps balance out my looks when I wear skinny jeans or my spanx leggings. These are super cute and really affordable since they look a lot like other designer brands.

Neutrogena Face Masks
I’ve actually been using these for a few years but I always like to mention them in my winter favorites. I have pretty neutral skin but in the winter I definitely can tell that my skin needs a little extra moisture. These face masks are perfect for that and my favorite part is there only about 2 dollars a piece.

Plain Black Sweatshirt
I have about 10 black sweatshirts but none of which lacked some type of graphic on them. A few times I just wanted a PLAIN sweatshirt but didn’t want to spend an arm and leg on them so I got this one when it was on sale. I got the size small but you could also get it oversized and wear it with basically everything.

That’s all for this month’s favorites and I hope you see or find something you love!


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