How To Read The Entire Bible This Year

If you’ve been following along this month then you know that I’ve been spending the month of January tackling some of the topics that hopefully will help you set yourself in motion for a great 2021. One of the best things you can do for yourself this year is to commit to daily time reading the Bible. Just a few verses a day and before you know it you’ll have read the entire Bible in one year.

Bible App

Not tooting my own horn but I’ve read the entire Bible for 7 years (in a row) as of 2020. Again, that’s not to make myself seem great but to show you just how easy it can be done, if I can do it, I’m positive you can too. Does that mean that every single day I read the Bible? Nope! There were some Monday mornings or Friday evenings that consisted of me catching up on 5 or 6 days but either way, I finished the entire thing in one year because of this super crazy simple bible app. You download the YouVersion Bible App, choose which Bible in one year plan you want and off you go! They even let you set reminders for yourself if that will help keep you on track.

Bible Study and Devotional

If using an app isn’t really your thing or you prefer something you can write in then have I got a surprise for you! This bible study has broken the old and new testaments into two books that include a TON of information along with ensuring that you finish the entire Bible in one year PLUS get to write down inspiration and learn a ton of historical and relevant to today information about the Bible.


Some people love to doodle and just write their thoughts down; Why not couple that with reading the Bible and at the end of 2021 you could have done all that fun coloring AND finished the Bible in a year! These journals are what I bought myself and a few girlfriends last year and I have absolutely LOVED it. It gives me a few verses a week and allows me to write my thoughts, dreams, hopes and prayers down in one place too.


Obviously the key here is the be intentional. As I mentioned above, I certainly have not made it one single year that I actually read the Bible every day of my life. That is still a goal not yet obtained. With that being said, I’ve set myself accountable for reading the Bible every year, not because I want to achieve some accolade but because I know how much it nourishes my soul and spirit. I know how much it keeps my mind right and focused every day and I know how much MORE I know about God because I am constantly in His word. I have to have an INTENTIONAL relationship with God just like anyone else.


Committing to doing literally anything every single day of your life is choosing discipline. Do I feel like working out every day, no but I know how good it is for me so I do it. Do I feel like cooking all the time? No but I love my husband and I know that I get hangry if I don’t so I do it. Do I feel like reading the Bible every day? No, but I know how important it is for my mental, spiritual and emotional health. The key here is that there are very few things in life that you’re going to wake up every morning and FEEL like doing but if you learn to discipline yourself to do things that you know benefit you even when the feeling isn’t there, your life will reap all the amazing benefits of that. I look back on days that I didn’t feel like doing something and almost every single time I ended up feeling AMAZING afterward. Today me is so grateful for past me that did hard things at the time because I’ve come so far from those small sacrifices.

Get Practical

One of the hardest parts about finishing the Bible in a year is that we don’t find a way to make it a practical application. If you go with the app version, there are daily notification reminders to help you. If you choose the journal, devo or book way then put them somewhere that you’re going to see it daily and actually have time to sit down and read it. Also SCHEDULE time for you to read. Get into the habit of scheduling time for yourself in the day and just like you wouldn’t cancel an important meeting with your boss, don’t cancel an important meeting with you and God either.

In short there are a ton of resources out there for you to find what fits your style. The hardest part is just doing it. Try a few ways until you find one that sticks. I’m somewhat of an overachiever so I do every single one of these methods and truthfully I find that I learn something new from each one of them. Once you found the way that works for you, stick to it and just rock with it. I promise 2021 will be off to the best start you can possibly imagine if you make this commitment to yourself and to God.


2 thoughts on “How To Read The Entire Bible This Year

  1. What a timely read! I’m currently working on managing my time to commit and focus on Bible reading and study this year. Yes, you’re right about that point that there are already lots of resources to help us spend more time with God. The only problem is how to do and apply it. I hope I can finally find out what style is best for me and stick with it. I enjoy reading your post, it’s so helpful!

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    1. Oh that’s so encouraging to hear. I love when we can resource one another! I usually fit my Bible reading into otherwise wasted time, like while i’m standing over the oven cooking dinner, or when I’m sitting down watching TV and scrolling my phone anyway. It’s so much easier to fit little moments in throughout my day than to carve out a huge chunk of time. I hope you find something that works for you too!

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