How To Refresh Your Home For The New Year (For Free)

One of my favorite things to do is to make minor changes to my home when I’m feeling stuck or needing something to refocus my attention. I take a short little break from work, move some stuff around, clean a few things and I’m back to new.

One thing for me this year has been trying to remove anything that makes my space feel cluttered, disorganized or otherwise un-lovely. The key is that I spend little to no money on these little updates and still enjoy the feeling I’ve accomplished something big.

Move Things Around

Hopefully you had a thought that this would be the most obvious trick. Sometimes all a space needs is a different traffic patter or a switch out of a couple of chairs. The best advice I have here is to make a little drawing of the space (don’t worry nothing too fancy) and just keep drawing it until you find something that you like. Or you could be even more like myself and just keep carrying things from one room to the other while your dog and husband grow more and more confused at what you’re doing. Whichever works best for you.

Clean Up

Another pretty obvious one is to clean a space up. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I have found something pushed back into my closet that I thought was missing but really just misplaced. Cleaning can also just make a space FEEL brand new even if literally nothing else has changed. A big one for me is cleaning the baseboards in common areas, and specifically ones that you have to stare at like the bathroom. Nothing feels better than cleaning those little piles of dust and dog hair out of the corner of the room and suddenly I feel majorly accomplished for the day.


Similar to cleaning up is to reorganize a space. Short of going out and buying fancy things to store your stuff in, you can also group like items together or find a new way to house things that maybe you weren’t before. Take an inventory of what you have in a specific room and find new ways to keep all of those items organized or put away. For example, one of my favorite places to reorganize all the time is the kitchen. In might drive my husband insane because he no longer knows where the tortilla chips are, but I am one happy girl.


Another obvious one is to GET RID OF STUFF!! Perfect time to do this is now since it is right after Christmas. Get rid of duplicate items or things that you no longer need. Find a way to let go of all the old stuff that you know someone else could use instead of you and just let. it. go. One of the best feelings is giving things to other people and even better knowing that it’s out of your house haha!

Fix Items

Following the trend here and giving you another probably obvious idea….fix broken things! Schedule some time for yourself and fix items that you need to fix. This could be repainting something with your old paint from the storage room or fixing a scratch on wooden furniture. Either way set aside the time and you’ll feel like you’ve really tackled something I promise.

Those are all the ideas I have that are free but obviously there’s other things to be done to refresh a space like painting with new colors, wall paper, new little decor items or new furniture pieces just to name a few. Either way I hope you’re inspired to refresh your space this month to hopefully set you on a good pace for the rest of the year.


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