Black Friday Deals

For the sake of making sure you have plenty of time to get all the great deals, I’m posting my Black Friday blog a little early. Here are some of my favorite items that have been on sale each and every year on Black Friday. Go ahead and add them to your cart so you can hit send asap on Black Friday.

Ninja Coffee Bar
Nick and I absolutely love our coffee bar. This one comes with a million options and including a built in frother. It’s a bit pricey normally but on Black Friday you’ll find this one on a great deal!

Artificial Christmas Tree
Don’t we all need a good fake Christmas tree? Don’t get me wrong, I love a real tree for what is represents and of course the amazing smell, I’m just more fond of not having to worry about watering it all the time or cleaning up needles from the floor constantly. So artificial is usually the way I go. Good quality tree’s can get pricey as well, but not today!!

Over the Knee Boots
Here’s another item that I absolutely loveee having multiple colors and styles of but never want to pay what retailers are asking for them. I usually wait until Black Friday to update my shoes and all of the options in the link above are amazing!

Air Fryer
I cannot say enough how much we love this thing! Nicks parent’s actually got this for us last Christmas and we’ve used it non-stop from the day we opened it. We’ve made some the best chicken wings, burgers, fish, blooming onions and even used the dehydrate function to dry herbs and make our own chicken jerky. I recommend this to literally everyone I speak to.

Repeat everything above, but think more soups, chilis, pasta dishes that are all super easy to make and very fast.

Fitbit Versa
Fitbit updates their watches almost as frequently as a new iPhone comes out, which we all know is pretty annoying but here we are. I’ve gone through about 4 Fitbit generations at this point and this one has been my favorite so far. If you’re looking for something a little less busy as an iWatch but full of cool features, then this watch is for you. I also heavily rely on this to keep me motivated for working out, getting up throughout the day and even doing meditation and relaxation.

Bath & Body Works Hand Sanitizer
Can we all just say this is a given? I mean literally 2020’s “scent” is alcohol mixed with whatever fruity flavor you like (lol). However, these sanitizers have always been my favorite and I’ve always stocked up on Black Friday because the deals are always unmatched throughout the year. Hopefully this year they’ll have had time to stock up and they won’t run out too quickly.

Bath & Body Works Candles & Holders
I’m very much a seasonal candle person. I change out my candles pretty often and actually prefer to buy the 10oz candles so that I don’t tire out of one scent too quickly. I’ve recently purchased some of the scents above and this gorgeous holder that’s perfect for any season.

Holiday Dresses
I am the worst about not planning what I’m going to wear for all the Holiday parties until it’s too late and I’ve missed all the good deals. This year I’m changing that. I have basically every outfit planned with multiple options depending on the weather and what we actually end up doing. This link is what some of my favorite dresses are that are SURE to be on an amazing Black Friday sale (last year everything was 90% off).

Beauty Products
This link is all of my favorite beauty products that I stock up on every Black Friday. The IT Cosmetics Mascara is literally 2 for 1 and I only buy it once a year. It’s amazing and lasts the entire 6 months for one tube.

Outdoor Furniture and Decor
Until earlier this year I had no clue how expensive outdoor furniture was, and now I will only ever be ordering it when there are great sales. Fortunately we already had most of what we wanted/needed when we started sprucing up our yard but there are a few things that I’m also waiting for Black Friday to pick up. Black Friday is always a good time of the year to grab anything for the yard, especially because it’s typically off season.

HAPPY SHOPPING FRIENDS!!! Let me make clear, you don’t “need” any of this. I hate when influencers online make me almost feel bad about not getting the item they’re pushing. This post is only to benefit you if you’re looking for recommendations and all of these are totally my opinion and items that I’ve loved for a while or that I have my eye on myself.

Make sure you spend responsibly and have fun!!!


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