It’s My Birthday! 29 Fun Facts About ME

I promise not to make this a super egotistical share about how great I am (LOL) and more just a chance for those of you who are super sweet to read, share and follow me to get to know me a little better. So here we go!

  1. I was born 9/11/91 and weighed 9 pounds 1 ouce
  2. I was born with strawberry blonde hair that has gotten darker as I get older
  3. My actual favorite color is black but I’m partial to blue as well
  4. Legend has it that I actually started humming along to songs before I could speak
  5. I have a condition called Hyperacusis– in short I hear almost everything really well and it can be painful and overwhelming at times. You can read about it if you’re interested.
  6. I have wanted to be a preacher since I was about 6 and use to “preach sermons” to my mom growing up
  7. I have two half siblings- topic for another day 😉
  8. I use to hate wearing lipstick and now it’s my go to makeup product
  9. Never have I ever had a traffic violation ticket or accident (in Jesus name I won’t ever)
  10. I actually use to struggle in school with reading and writing (until College)
  11. I was healed two years ago of a major mood disorder (Thank You JESUS) and plan to one day write a book about it
  12. I had a crush on my now husband from the day I met him, but was way too scared to talk to him and mostly avoided him when we worked together (he still gives me butterflies)
  13. I don’t like wearing dresses and prefer sweatpants to basically everything
  14. Ralph got his name from my minor high school obsession with Ralph- Lauren (that’s my dog for those who don’t know)
  15. The longest my hair ever got to was 32 inches from root to tip
  16. My dream car is a red convertible 4-passanger BMW, with black interior (because that’s what my Barbie had growing up, true story)
  17. I hate wearing socks
  18. I have 8 tattoos in total
  19. I started drinking coffee every morning in 11th grade and haven’t quit since (yikes)
  20. Peaches are my favorite fruit but I rarely eat them
  21. I shamelessly play Pokemon Go with my husband and some friends and I love every second of it!!
  22. My hands and feet have gotten smaller since I was in college (don’t worry, just weight loss lol)
  23. Walmart is my favorite place to shop hands-down
  24. I can play the piano and the guitar (not great at either one and prefer to sing without an instrument)
  25. I have burned my dominant hand (right) with at least a 2nd degree burn, 3 times.
  26. I was accepted into and planned on going to Chiropractic school for a brief period in college before changing my mind and sticking with Psychology, Music & English.
  27. October is my favorite month
  28. I was born and raised pentacostal and speak in tongues (Let me know if you have questions haha)
  29. I’m beyond excited to live this last year in my 20’s. I have had an incredible life, full of love, laughter, God’s fulfilled promises, joy and so much more. No it’s not perfect, but it’s perfect for me and I plan to live this last year in this decade to the fullest and walk out everything that God has planned for me.

I hope you feel like you know the girl behind the screen a little bit better and over the course of the next year, we can all learn a little more about each other. Thank you to everyone who supports me and shares my stories each week. I can’t wait to see all that God has ready this next year.

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