Updated Brow Tutorial

About a month ago I posted a blog and video about how I do my eyebrows. If you’re interested in checking that out I will link them. Blog. Video.

This updated version however is for those who want a more natural look and don’t want to have those dark, boxy looking brows like the one’s above. Perhaps it’s just for the summer or if you just have a preference and like the eyebrows more similar to the look below. If that’s the case, follow along or watch the video here.

Products used

Step One

Very lightly dip your brush into the dipbrow product. Line the bottom line of your eyebrow. Do not outline the entire brow, but only the bottom line.

Step Two

Use the spoolie end of your brush and make small, light handed brush strokes upward to fill in the rest of your brow. Keep going until your brow hairs are mostly filled in.

Step Three

Dip the brush tip back into the dip brow product and very lightly fill in any areas that are not covered. The key here is to use a very light hand.

Step Four

Use the MAC Paint Pot to shape up the edges and clean up any areas that the products have gotten onto your skin.

That’s it! You did it!! Like I said, this brow is for the gals that want a more natural look or prefer this method for summertime, lighter looks. I still plan to use the darker brows when I do a full face of makeup, but for now this is definitely going to be my summer go to.

Until next time,

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