How To Do Faux T-Shirt DIY (no cut, no sew) Looks

There’s some pretty obvious trends going around lately and I’m totally here for them. Two of the most popular are cropped shirts and padded t-shirts. I, being all about DIY and being frugal would much rather find a way to do them differently than spend money on new clothes.

Behold…another DIY! This time no cutting, no sewing just some good old fashion faux looks! Let’s get to it.

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First up we have Faux Cropped Tops. Now don’t get me wrong, I have thoroughly enjoyed cutting up some old t-shirts and making them into cute workout shirts or just more fashionable tanks in general but not every shirt that I have do I want to cut up. Some of them I want to keep longer for the winter or to wear over leggings but also want a cropped look. Oh the torture. So the obvious fix? Fake it til you make it.

I actually saw this little trick on Bre Sheppards Instagram but I have since changed it a little made it my own and now am sharing with you.

Step 1: Find a shirt that is too long and you wish to crop
Step 2: Tuck the shirt into your bra all the way around
Step 3: Pull out the amount of shirt that you want out to cover your belly or back
Step 4: Look stylish and cute

That’s literally it. You’re just tucking the shirt into your bra all the way around and pulling out excess material to cover whatever belly or back you want covered. As long as you don’t snag the shirt on something or wear a bra that’s too loose, you’ll have a cute little faux cropped shirt or sweater all day.

Next up is faux padded shoulder t-shirt. I’ll admit the first time I saw this look, I thought it was hideous. I personally have more broad shoulders and the last thing I wanted to do is highlight that. After I gave this method a shot, I actually kind of liked it. For this one you’ll need some materials.

Materials: Safety Pins

Step 1: Lay the shirt down flat on a flat surface and roll the sleeves up. Make sure you’re rolling them evenly and not bunching them up. You’re also going to be folding the shirt inward instead of outward, so the seam of the shirt won’t show. See below as an example.

Step 2: Spread out the top later of the rolled up sleeve to cover more shoulder area, as seen below. Pin in place.

Step 3: Tuck the bottom layer under and into the shirt. Pin in place.

So obviously this method is not as effective as sewing or cutting up shirts and making them into a padded tee but it IS an effective enough way to do this just for a one time look or occasion. It’s much more cost effective (totally free) and isn’t difficult to do.

Stay fashionable my friends and let me know what other types of looks you’d like to see a DIY for πŸ™‚


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