June (Target) Favorites

June officially has been the fastest month of them all. I can’t even understand how this month has come and gone so quickly but it means we’re one month closer to fall which is my favorite so I won’t complain.

Target has always been my go to but with all the summer sales and fun stuff taking place, I have a bunch of super cute and affordable items for you all to check out.

More of a video person? I also did a review on YouTube of all these items 😍 check that out here: Target Haul & Dupes

Colgate Sparkling White Whitening Toothpaste – Mint Zing
Let’s start with the weird one right? I am slowly but surely replacing common items that we use in our house to items that are healthier. Next up on the list was a healthier toothpaste. This one is made with baking soda to help whiten teeth instead of those harsh chemicals that can leave your teeth and gums feeling sensitive. The flavor is very different than your typical “Cool Mint” but it’s perfectly fine and easy to get use to. I highly recommend this product.

16oz Plastic Floral Embossed Short Tumbler
Yall these are so freaking cute!! I have enjoyed every second of them. They’re cute for company and cute just to drink my iced coffee in. They make drinking water more adorable and I love them. They’re also a dupe for some higher end brands. I’ll link some of the larger one’s as well. They do come in other colors and I’ve been eyeing the blush pink.

Roll-Up Visor Hat
This is cute and stylish for the pool or laying out by the beach but also provides plenty of shade from the sun. You can throw your hair up in a bun and let it pop through the top and enjoy the day. My black visor picture above is no longer sold at Target, but if it’s more your style I’ll have some options linked for you.

Da-Bomb Bath Fizzers
The first time I got one of these for my birthday from my best friend I was hooked. They’re way cheaper than a lot of name brand places, they have beautiful colors and really yummy smells PLUS you get a surprise inside of each one. What’s not to love? These have majorly enhanced my weekly self-care nights.

Tanologist Drops
I know yall have to be tired of reading about these but they are AMAZING. I have never had a self tanner that was more easy to use. They have zero smell, don’t cause ugly lines and blotching and don’t leave residue on my clothing or anything surfaces. They are very inexpensive for the quality and are my absolute GO. TO. When using these just go all the way in, they say 1-12 drops depending on the color you want, but I promise 12 isn’t going to be to dark for you if it’s not for me, the fairest of them all (did you get the joke?).

Rose Gold Sandals
I’ve actually had these for a while now but felt they were worth mentioning as a favorite considering how often I’ve been wearing them. They are some of the most comfortable sandals I have ever worn and they go with basically everything. I mostly just wear them when I’m running errands or something but I absolutely LOVE them. They run true to size as far as I can tell.

Bikini Separates
I’m so grateful for the person years ago who found it wise to start selling bikini’s in separates. I for whatever reason love mixing and matching bikini sets. I’ll have all of the one’s I’ve worn lately linked for you, but they have a bunch of cute one’s for everyone’s style. The one’s that I purchased during their BOGO sale, I have found to all be very comfortable and match well with other suit bottoms that I already have. Definitely a summer staple in the south.

Wild Fable Jeans
If you follow me on Instagram you’ve seen my ripped light jeans about a million times. They are my go to pretty much all year long, but definitely in the summer. One thing I love the most is the sizing that this brand has. It seems to me and the people I have talked to about it that their sizing runs LARGE which is super rare. What I mean is, I’m typically anywhere from a six to an eight in most everything and I wear a four in their jeans (insert mind blown emoji). If for no other reason than being able to brag about a smaller jean size, I would check out these linked jeans!

Honest Beauty
Another thing you’ve heard me talk about over and over is Honest Beauty. Seriously though, my skin has changed drastically over the last year I’ve been using their products. The best part is that each product has ingredients that I can pronounce and understand and I can feel the difference when I use them. Linked are all of my personal favorite skin care items but I recommend that you give at least one a try. They also have a gorgeous beauty line if you want to try that instead.

Glade Plugin- Blue Odyssey
I recently saw an influencer online talk about a Glade Plugin scent at a store she visited. It got me thinking about the way my home always smelled growing up. Or that nostalgia you get when you smell the scent that your grandmother’s house always had. Insert, Blue Odyssey. It’s a really fresh, clean, summer type smell that I want to make our homes “scent”. We also have Cashmere Woods for winter and both smell amazing!

Jergens Natural Glow Wet Skin Moisturizer
Another tanning/skin care product, I know I know. But seriously I can’t help that I’m naturally as white as Casper the ghost and have dry skin. Plus this product is one that you intentionally use right after the shower and you don’t even have to dry off. Just apply it and let it set into your skin then you’re good to go. I buy the tinted type but they also have a regular moisturizer if you’re not wanting that extra glow.

Zak Design Can Coolers
We got one of these for Nick’s Father for Father’s Day and obviously I had to buy some for us. They’re like a yeti but designed to hold your canned drinks. They work phenomenally, come in really great colors and are only $10. There are definitely worth the purchase. Also you can check out some of the other Zak! designs which also have phenomenal reviews if you’re looking to dupe a yeti.

That’s all that I have for you this months edition of favorites, but I hope that you get some inspiration and find some products that you love. Be sure to tag me on instagram what you decided to purchase.

Can’t wait to show you all that I have in store for you next month! Until then my friends

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