We Need Healing

Without writing out the longest introduction ever, or pouring every ounce of my soul out onto this page let me just be clear in what this post is about; As a Christian I am instructed by the word of God to pray without ceasing. This means that every single moment of every single day I am expected by God to be lifting up a prayer to Him. In what our country is going through today, I am praying for God to do what no man can; Even if I’m not exactly sure what it is that we need the most. Heaviest on my heart is healing. I ask that you’ll join me in prayer for our nation starting with this prayer below.

Father God,
We need you. Your children are hurting. The very children that you breathed your own life into are broken. You created us all in your image and because of Satan, spreading his lies and hate and deceit, we’re ripping one another apart and no longer remember that we came from the same blood and are covered by the same blood. Jesus we cry out to you today to move in our nation like never before. Show us how to love the way you love us. Give us eyes that see one another the way you see us, ears that hear what you want us to hear and hearts that have love and compassion for one another. We ask you today Lord to let your glory shine, to let your will be done, to let your name be lifted high. We honor you God and know that you are not the author of all this confusion. We know Jesus that you are on our side, and you fight for us. We ask that your presence fall on this Earth and this nation right now. We Thank You Jesus for your mercy and for your love. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

Here are just a few ways that we can do our part, while Jesus does His. This is all in His hands, but I believe we see over and over in the Word of God our call to action and our call to do what Jesus is asking us to do. He has given us all a role on Earth and have given clear steps in His Word for how we are to live our lives.

  1. Register to Vote
    Arguably the most important item on this list is voting. So many people think that voting in local elections is pointless and that the real power ALONE stands with the presidency. WRONG. During the pandemic we should have learned exactly how much power our local government holds. How many times did we see the president relinquish power to the local authorities to make decisions for their own states? Who we put in our offices matters. REGISTER TO VOTE THEN ACTUALLY DO IT!! There is no excuse. You have to take this seriously. Pay attention to who is running, pray for the Holy Spirit to tell you who to vote for, then work to put that person in the position they should be in. Simple as that.
  2. Find resources that help educate you
    A huge step in the direction of healing is empathy. Empathy isn’t the same as sympathy . People don’t want you to feel SORRY for them, they want you to take a moment to listen and to try with everything you have inside of you to understand where they are coming from and what they’ve been through. An amazing way to do that is to read, to learn, to try to gain knowledge. Here is a list of resources that my friend Ashley Blake, an author herself and singer/songwriter, has recommended. I urge you to take the time and invest in your own change. Learn something, get uncomfortable.
  3. Make Conscious Thoughts and Decisions
    As a Christian, my goal in life is daily work at being more like Jesus than the day before. Part of what made Jesus so impactful was His ability to befriend the people who society downcast. He was notorious for breaking social boundaries and loving people for who they were, what they looked like and right in the middle of whatever their life looked like. We are challenged to do the same. Be strategic in how you live your life my friend. Be thoughtful and mindful of how other people are effected by what you do and say. Don’t get so caught up in your own life that you forget that the goal is to affect OTHER’S lives too. Jesus never forgot what His mission was and where He was headed, but He never missed an opportunity to lift up the oppressed or cast out. That was ALSO part of His mission. If you consider yourself a Christian, it’s part of yours too.

    If you feel that you struggle with prejudice or racism please read the following:

There’s an awesome website that explains several places that racism is talked about in the Bible that I encourage you to read. There is also this beautiful prayer:

Jesus, You see people as precious and valuable. Live that truth through me always. If I’ve wronged someone and racism is the root of that wrong, lead me in reconciliation. Lord, show me my own prejudices so I can seek Your repentance. Guide me to act in ways that lead to true justice. Father God, forgive me for losing sight of the Truth that You created all people in Your image. By Your grace, help me to see hatred – whether initiated or returned – as a tool Satan uses to keep me from experiencing and sharing the richness of Your love. Help me to love the way you love and to spread kindness and mercy as Jesus did. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Together we will do better. Until next time my friends.

One thought on “We Need Healing

  1. God loves us all. May people treat each other with respect, fairness ad equality. I pray that the Lord bring lasting change for the better through all this.


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