May Favorites

It’s the end of MAY y’all!! What is happening to this year? I cannot believe that the actual best year of my life is happening so quickly. Even with all the pandemic madness I will forever proclaim 2020 at the best year of my life, because ya know #wifey now πŸ˜‰ With so much time at home I had the perfect excuse to try out a ton of products to review for you guys and I honestly can’t wait to share all this new stuff with you all. You’re going to LOVE some of these products.

Eye Brow Tattoo
So last week I did an eyebrow tutorial and included this product but it’s worth being mentioned again. As a woman born with blonde body hair that means I was also born with light eyebrows. This product changed my life, seriously. Slap on the thick coat on Sunday and I don’t have to touch my brows again for several days and that includes the sleepiest day of the week Monday. I can pop right out the door and still look like I actually slept the night before. Life. Changing. Get this product even if you have perfect brows. It will save you time and money either way.

Booty Bands
Okay they’re actually called resistance bands but it’s much more fun calling them booty bands right? This set is less than $12 and comes with three bands for different needs and a cute bag to keep them in. You can also download their free app and do their “Daily 10” workouts using the bands! WORTH IT! They’re sleek, they’re colorful and they work great. They do still tend to roll up some around my thighs but overall they do the trick and I love them.

Starbucks reusable coffee mug
There are a few different options that your local Starbucks will have and to be honest, you can get a reusable cup from lots of places, including local business. I just got this one because the young man at the Starbucks I was at gave it to me WAY cheaper than he should have πŸ™‚ Overall using reusable mugs for your coffee, A. Gets you a discount at many coffee shops (doesn’t hurt to ask your local one if bringing your own mug gets you a discount) and B. Is overall better for the environment. The less cups we use, the less stores order, the less are made in general…it’s a slow cycle but it starts with one reusable item at a time.
Favorite Iced Coffee Recipe: Honey Almond Milk Iced Flat White

Brew 8oz of Iced Coffee (whatever method you like)
Mix in 1 tbps honey
2oz of favorite milk (mine is almond)

If you have a frother, I recommend frothing the milk and then pouring it in!

Sweet Cream Cold Brew
(Make this by brewing coffee and putting it in the fridge until it cools down) My Ninja Coffee Maker has an iced coffee setting as well. You can also buy a cold brew coffee set like this one.
8oz of cold brew coffee
2oz of your favorite flavoring syrup (or honey)
2oz of sweet cream creamer

Cold Foam Starbucks Copy
You’ll need a frother like this one
The best to use it 100% whole milk because it froths the best but you can use whichever milk you like best, just know that it might not come out the same Starbucks quality froth.
Pour about 1 inch deep of the milk (cold milk ;)) into a glass or bowl (I use this)
Mix in whatever flavor you want the cold foam to be (I use caramel or pumpkin)
Hold your frother at the bottom of the bowl for 10 seconds
Then hold the frother just under the surface of the milk at the top where it’s barely covered for 30 seconds
And you’re done! You can instantly pour this over your iced coffee!

Rae Pre + Probiotic
I’ll admit that I was nervous to try this. It’s from a company I had never heard of and it’s for something that’s actually super important to our overall health. I found it by accident when googling top Pre + Probiotic’s to take and I thank God I did. Not to get too much into graphic detail here, but I’ve had stomach issues for as long as I can remember. In addition to making other healthy lifestyle changes I can tell you that after months (started in March) of taking these supplements I can tell a huge difference in my…umm..shall we say bathroom habits? I will note that the suggested amount is two a day and I found that was too strong for my stomach so I take one a day and still can tell a HUGE impact. I definitely suggest giving theses a try if you’re in the market for new supplements. Also nice that these do NOT have to be refrigerated, just stored in a dark area (like pantry or a cabinet).

Peel off Wall Paper
My husband and I chose one of our quarantine projects as putting up “backsplash” in our kitchen. As you see above and figured out from the header, this is AWESOME stick and peel wallpaper that we found at Lowe’s Home Improvement. I won’t go straight to saying it was the easiest thing to put up, but there were some good YouTube tutorials and all in all it turned out looking fantastic. Pro Tip, measure ALL the space you might want to have done and buy extra for spaces you may mess up. We kind of eye balled it but this entire space only took one package of wallpaper for us. Nick finessed it quite a bit (clapping emoji hands) but we could have used another roll to make it a little easier.

Torini Rose Flavoring
I have been ordering flavoring from this company for forever. I even stocked up on a good amount of Pumpkin Pie syrup for this fall (heyy all my basic gals who LOVE PSL). The fun thing here was in the review section I found an amazing man who offered his Rose Martini recipe (Lord bless this man). This includes nothing but, 2oz of vodka, 2oz of rose flavor and 2oz of lemon juice, shake it all up and pour into a frosted glass of your choice. Now of course I tweaked it a bit (laughs at 2oz of vodka and doubles it with rum) but it turned out delicious. My husband isn’t big on any type of sweets and the rose with lemon was little too tart for him, so if you’re the same you may not like it. But for me it’s been wonderful. The reason I bought the syrup however was to use in my afternoon iced coffees! Which mixed with some almond milk has been amazing.

Metal Cooking Utensils
This is actually something we got form our wedding registry. I added it because up until now I’ve only ever used that heavy duty plastic kind of cooking utensil because well, they’re usually cheaper. I tend to cook things a little on the hotter side and have ruined so many plastic utensils. Plus when I got to thinking about it, I’m basically burning down chemicals and putting them all up in my food (huge yikes). Since using the metal utensils I’ve obviously not burned any but in general just feel better about our food and what we’re eating and cooking with. It’s the little things yall. Still something I think everyone will enjoy and is hopefully better for you too! Read this article written by a mom(and clearly they know everything) πŸ˜‰

Leather Square Toe Flats
I was a bit skeptical of how the square toe trend was going to look at first. To be totally honest, I’m not usually one to follow trends in the traditional way. I like to give things some time to settle in and stick around before I jump on board. This time I saw one pair and instantly purchased some online. I absolutely love these flats! They give my outfits an edgy look without clonking around in heels and allow me to mix and match them with multiple outfits. They come in four basic neutral colors and run under $20. Definitely a summer staple right here!

Tanologist Tanning Drops
There are kind of a dupe for the Isle of Paradise sunless tanning drops. I have kind of mixed reviews about these but overall like them enough to mention them as a favorite. I ordered the light colored drops. You mix them into a moisturizing lotion and rub the lotion in like you normally would. I used my daily face moisturizer for my face. The plus is that the tan is beautiful. It’s not orange or too dark or light. The cons are that I didn’t wash my hands well enough and ended up having some tan marks on my hands. Another con is that the tan didn’t last that long and I had to reapply a lot more than I do with your typical self tanner. I also had a very tiny amount of breakout on my face but nothing too serious and it went away after one good face mask. Overall I love these for a last minute thing. If I need a tan for pictures or before going somewhere I can put these on the night before and be tan in the morning with no transfer to my sheets and no worry about walking around naked for an hour waiting for it to dry.

Peak Brain Games App
I found this app by accident. I was looking for something in the app store and typed peak and up popped my newest addiction. My husband and I both love to keep our mind stimulated with games, books and outdoor activities and this app is so fun! It challenges you to different cognitive functions like memory, emotion, focus, agility, language and problem solving and compares you to others your age using the app. You get scores and learn how to increase your abilities over time. For the free version you only get about 2-4 games per day so it’s not time consuming but IS pretty addictive. Check it out and let us know your thoughts!

I hope you get to try some of these products soon and enjoy all of them! Let me know in the comments what you got to try and if you have any questions.


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