How I Do My Eyebrows. Tutorial and Product Review (Maybelline Tattoo VS Anastasia Beverly Hills)

This is clearly only going to interest some of you, but you would be totally shocked at how often people mention something about my eyebrows. At least once a week I get a comment or a question about them. So I decided to give you guys a quick little video AND a breakdown for those of you who would rather follow along in pictures than hear me talk đŸ˜‰ No offense taken!

If you prefer to watch the 11 minute video version, go here:

If you want to read and follow along…..go right ahead sis! Hope you enjoy!

Method one: Using the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow pomade

Step One: Outline
The key here is the angled brush. It’s thin enough to allow me to actually draw the outline of the eyebrow shape I want. Make sure you have a shape in mind. I prefer the boxy edges and higher arch but that might not be your style. Look for outlines online and decide what you like. Then literally draw the outline that you want to follow. It helps that my eyebrows are arched this way via my stylist but you can pluck them yourself to make that happen, just be careful and remember less is more in that instance.

Step Two: Lightly fill in
Start lighting filling the shape you’ve made in with small brush strokes. Don’t worry if you go too dark in a spot, we’ll fix all that later on. Just keep filling in the shape like a coloring book until your brow is the desired colored and thickness.

Step Three: Shape Up
Here is where we need a spoolie to fix any darker areas or help fill in ares that are sparse. Make sure not to press too hard so you don’t remove too much product. Lastly use either foundation, concealer or what I use Mac Makeup’s Paint Pot to shape the outer edge and help keep a nice smooth line.

ALL DONE!! Lastly make sure you take some gorgeous selfies with your new beautiful eyebrows! Don’t be afraid to switch it up a little too. Something doesn’t work for you? Make it your own. This is just a starting place and the way I do MY eyebrows, we don’t have to all do them the same.

Method Two: Maybelline Tattoo Brow
Now I just discovered this holy grail about a month ago. Let me clear something up too, there is an American version released and a UK version released. America has a thick putty type and UK has a peel off, temporary tattoo type. I thought I was getting the tattoo kind the first time I used this but later learned to be ecstatic that I got the kind that I did. It’s easier to remove if I mess up and doesn’t last two weeks in case I get tired of them.

Step One: Fill in brows in shape and style you’d like with putty like product.
The product goes on pretty thick, so again use a light hand if you can and just outline the eyebrow shape you’d like to follow.

Step Two: Use q-tip to remove product from edges that you don’t want
The nice thing about this product is that it goes on wet, which makes it really easy to remove parts that you don’t like the look of. Instead of using the paint pot like the above method, you can simply wipe the excess away and help create a better shape.

Step Three: Let dry for at least 30 minutes.
After you’ve used your spoolie to help fill in the areas you may have missed or gone too lightly on, let the putty sit for about 30 minutes before you add any other makeup. They’ll feel slightly “hardened” and that’s how you’ll know they are totally dry. You should be able to run your finger across them.

These will last for about three or four days if you don’t scrub your face when you wash it. The below photos are my progress doing my normal skin care routine every night and even washing my face in the shower. The best part is that even on the third day, it just looks like I have less pronounced but natural eyebrows. See the photo below for my first three days of wearing the product. In order from top to bottom is day three, two and one.

That’s it!! Easy right?? I know it takes some practice but be confident! Be bold! Best thing is, all of this comes off if you hate it or mess up. You’re not making a permanent decision here so just give it a try.


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