April Favorites

I can hardly believe the month of April has come and gone. I’ve been married for a month already and all of that time has been spent in the house with my husband and our dog. Honestly it’s been such a blessing because I firmly believe that if Nick and I can make it through being stuck in the house together for this long as newlyweds, we’re bound to be able to survive literally ANYTHING (LOL). I’ve listed below for you all some products that have helped us both get through all the extra quality time we’ve had these last few weeks. Hope you get the chance to enjoy some of them too.

Own Your Everyday
This book seriously has changed my life. Jordan writes as though we’re just two girlfriends chatting about life and all the crap it throws our way. She slowly, but surely gets you to the realization of what has been holding you back from facing your biggest fears in life and helps you set a plan in motion to get started at living the life you’re dreaming of. Every single time I read a chapter I ended up with a list of thoughts and dreams and plans of action to get me to the next step in life I wanted to conquer. I love how relatable she makes everything seem and honestly gives some of the best advise I’ve ever received. This is a MUST read.

Rubberized iPhone Case with Card Slot
I know most of us are all about having cute yet practical phone cases, well look no farther. I love having the slot on my phone case for my cards and my ID instead of the kind that slips open. I’ve gone through about 6 of the other types and they always end up breaking or becoming loose (guess I open them too much to get that credit card out lol, shhh don’t tell Nick) and breaking. This one is easy to grip so I also got rid of my pop socket which was a nuisance of it’s own. This case comes in a few different color options, but pay attention to which one you’re looking at, not all of the colors offer the card slot.

Shower Speaker
Who doesn’t love a good bubble bath, with some Epsom salts, a candle, face mask and some good music? Honestly, Nick and I both like having music play while we shower or while we’re just getting ready. For the price point this shower speaker is amazing quality and something we use almost daily. I got this one as a gift for Christmas but would definitely buy myself.

An “influencer” I follow actually turned me onto these. She’s definitely my health goals inspiration so when she shared these as one of her favorite snacks, I of course had to give them a try. I ordered one of their variety packs so that Nick and I could try different flavors before we ordered them. He got to try all of the spicy flavors on his own 😉 All-in-all we both loved them! They are a little on the pricier side so it’s not something we order all the time, but it’s something we get as a treat to ourselves!

Ninja Coffee Pot
Okay to be fair, this was a gift from my parents forEVER ago but it honestly has made being at home so much easier and a lot less awful. We’re able to make a ton of at home coffee recipes using this thing and it’s a fraction of the cost of A. going to Starbucks constantly and B. the espresso makers I see all over the place. It has an abundance of features including a frother!

Coffee Bean Grinder
Can’t have a good cup of coffee without whole beans 😉 Honestly it’s mostly that whole beans are cheaper haha. Needless to say we’ve found that we enjoy the taste of our coffee way more when we have freshly ground beans. I grind enough at a time to get us through a week and we enjoy really fresh, delicious coffee.

Food Storage Containers
Okay this is another one that was a gift! A wedding gift to be exact, but we have absolutely LOVED these. They have multiple sizes to choose, they look great on the counter as part functionality, part decor and they just make cooking more fun. I’m not sure why it feels like I have my life together when I grab noodles out of a container, but it does! The lovely couple who purchased these for us also bought the little scoops that hook to the inside of the lid, I mean how cool is that? Please note that not all of the containers fit the scoops so watch what size you’re buying if you get these.

Amazon Fresh
Okay this one isn’t so much an item but an amazing deal. Being an Amazon Prime member continues to show its added benefits over and over. This Amazon Fresh option delivers groceries from your local health food store to your door for FREE. Even with the pandemic happening, you can see what is available for shipment in your area before you checkout. So add to your hearts content and then make adjustments as needed if things aren’t available to you. Please be aware of what you’re ordering though. I kind of just added stuff to the cart without paying attention and was slightly disappointed when some items arrived. Overall this is a great option for you if you can’t leave the house at ALL for groceries or just need a few household staple items.

As we’re flying through this year, I hope you get to enjoy some of these products too! Let me know what you’ve tried and what you think! Praying everyone continues to walk in health and safety.


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