Wedding Gifts We’ve Loved & Where to Get Them

Nicholas and I were officially married on March 14th despite the increasing pandemic around us. That afternoon, about three hours before we were supposed to get married, the governor announced his wish to have no groups of 100 or more gathering, but still the wedding carried on. Fast forward a few days later, my husband and I are back home, much quicker than we anticipated and working together to get our home back in order. Don’t worry, we still plan on taking a “honeymoon” when the time is right…ya know just doing our part to help the economy when all the craziness is over.

Nicholas and I have both been extremely blessed (our entire lives) but during our wedding especially. We received not only the gift of so many loved ones joining us in celebration of our union, we also received AMAZING gifts from our loved ones. Below is just a small part of some of the things that have made a huge impact on our daily lives and things that we’ve absolutely loved and think you will too!

In addition, in no way being endorsed here but we used Zola for all of our wedding needs. We created a free wedding website, got a free registry (you can upload from as many places as you’d like and everything is kept in one place), got a checklist to assist with details of wedding planning and so much more. We would highly recommend using Zola for all your wedding planning needs!

  1. Blackout curtains
    I didn’t even have curtains before Nicholas moved in and to be honest, I spent years not sleeping great and thinking that was just part of life. OH MY GOD WAS I WRONG! We received these gorgeous curtains that literally completely darken our bedroom and living in the city, there is light EVERY. WHERE. I’m able to fall asleep quicker and stay asleep throughout the night. Plus if I do wake up, I can fall right back asleep because my brain doesn’t think it’s morning time 🙂
  2. Blackout Curtain Rods
    Along with the actual blackout curtains, we got blackout rods too!! The entire point of blackout curtains is that they keep the light out of your room , which with traditional rods, light usually sneaks in the edges because the curtains don’t go around the windows. With these rods, they curve around on the sides which allows your curtain to go all the way around the window edges, allowing them to actually darken your room effectively! They’re a little more expensive than your traditional rod, but well worth the benefit.
  3. Corelle Dishes
    We both were very adamant about wanting a set or two of this serve ware. It’s sturdy enough to not break if you drop it and lightweight enough to be easy to use and move around. We had some trouble finding a set we actually liked but then we found this set that we both thought was gorgeous. We’ve gotten to the point that we pretty much only want to use our corelle set exclusively. The best part is that this stuff is that it lasts FOREVER.
  4. Soap Dispensing Palm Brush
    This thing is life changing! You fill it up with your soap of choice, press the little button on top to shoot out soap and scrub away. It’s more aesthetically pleasing than ugly soap bottles and it’s so much easier than using a dish rag for getting tough things off of pots and pans. The best part, these and ones similar aren’t too expensive. Ours also came with a cute little dish that helps keep water off of your counter. Make sure to clean them out though to avoid gross soap buildup.
  5. Large Storage Bins
    This one may seem kind of silly but Nick and I are both all about some organized storage. These bins help tremendously. They’re clear so you can see right through them and know exactly what you have in a bin, they have nice tops that latch on and they’re easily stackable on top of each other. The slight downside is that the plastic is kind of thin and if you drop one, you’re probably going to crack it so be careful. They do have a really nice price point and they’re available at pretty much every Target store in the nation.
  6. Canvas Caricature
    Our dear friend Chyna, a graphic designer by trade, took a few pictures of myself and Nick and our dog and created this masterpiece. We used it as an alternative to a guest book at our wedding and now have everyones signatures from our wedding hung in our house forever! If you’re looking to have one made for the same purpose or maybe as a gift to surprise someone, email her for information and pricing!!

Like I said before, these are only a few of the items we got that we absolutely loved and have obsessed over the last couple of weeks, but I would definitely recommend all of them to anyone. Let me know if you have questions or need help coming up with items to add to any type of registry.


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