March Favorites

  1. Honest Beauty Company Deep Hydration Face Cream
    To be honest I actually started using this product in December, but as most of us know, it takes our bodies some time to adjust to certain products before we really start to see the benefit. I am notorious for switching products in a few short weeks if I don’t see changes almost immediately, but this time I stuck it out. One of the biggest goals I set for myself for 2020 is to be more careful about what I’m putting in and on my body. This was an AMAZING start. By the beginning of February I could see and feel the major impact this moisturizer had on my skin. My face feels softer, I’ve had a significant decrease in any type of breakouts or redness. It smells amazing and has nothing but organic ingredients. I also have extremely sensitive skin and this has given me no problems. An absolutely MUST have!
  2. Hair Coils
    For the most part, I know most of us have seen these all over the internet and in retail stores and figured they weren’t worth the money, but let me tell you….SO worth it. I have medium length hair which means every time I put it in a bun I get the dreaded crease right at my shoulders. Good news, with these hair ties those days are long gone. I can twist my hair in a million different ways and never have an issue when I take it down. I have little to no hair pulled out with each time I inevitably rip the thing out of my hair and it’s almost completely indestructible, which when you have as much hair as I do…you go through a lot of hair ties. So overall these are worth the investment.
  3. Vitality Extracts “Immunity” Essential Oil
    Just in time for the insane outbreak of CoVID-19, I stocked up on some of my favorite essential oils. One of the best, is “Immunity” Oil. I love diffusing it my house and office because it smells absolutely amazing, with a mixture of cinnamon and other earthy scents. It’s also full of healthy oils that, as the name states, aid in assisting your immune system. Even for those of you who aren’t into the oils, it doesn’t hurt to have a nice fresh scent flowing in your house all day, plus what have you got to lose, if it turns out essential oils actually are great for you 😉
  4. Method Body Wash
    I’ve been all about using healthier products lately. Not fully organic but as close as possible. When I started to really think about the fact that I only get this one body, for my entire life, it became increasingly important that I take care of it. In all honesty I’ve never felt better in my life. The benefits have far outweighed anything I’ve lost. One of the first steps I took was switching out the products I put ON my body first. Method has about six (maybe more) scents to choose from but my favorite it the Peony and rose water scent “Pure Peace”. You can find this brand in most local grocery stores, but for a slight discount online through the Grove Collective. This body wash suds up really quickly with just a small amount which makes me FEEL cleaner, smells phenomenal and leaves my skin feeling soft and no weird sticky residue that some body washes leave.

I hope you get the chance to try some of these products and that you love them just as much as I have! Until next time friends!


2 thoughts on “March Favorites

  1. The hair coils I’ve tried stretch out so bad! Your hair is much thicker than mine, do you have that issue with this brand?


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