Date Night (In) Ideas

Nick and I are both introverts. There I said it…we like being alone way more than we like being around people, we love our time with friends and family but we enjoy just hanging out at the house whenever we can. With our wedding being TOMORROW (woo hoo) I thought it would be a perfect time to give some ideas of fun things we like to do when we don’t feel like going out for our date night.

  1. Games on games on games
    This one is probably obvious but we like to play games. Both of us actually enjoy more “thought provoking” games. This sometimes leads to some competitive moments but for the most part it’s a fun way for us to spend a couple hours doing something other than scrolling our phones or watching TV and we get a lot of good laughs out of it.
  2. Reading a Book Together
    We recently finished our per-marital counseling (highly recommend) and we went through the SYMBIS Profile together. Many times when we didn’t feel like going out, we would read a chapter or two together and then go over the homework together. We had the chance to get to know each other more deeply and to actually spend time in conversation without distraction or too much noise around us.
  3. Make Dinner Together
    Some of my favorite moments over the last year with Nick have been when we cooked dinner together. It’s an activity that we both get to give ideas to, show off a little and have some fun. There’s something so relaxing about just being together in the kitchen pretending to be chef’s. We’ve had some of our most serious conversations and some of our silliest, laugh until you cry moments and each one is has a special place in my heart. Give this a little added bonus and even go grocery shopping together or plan the menu together, that way you’re both having equal parts in the entire process.
  4. Set up a snack charcuterie board and have a movie night
    The fun part here is the snacks! Nick and I are big foodies and love any type of activity where food is the main part. We have a coffee table that many times we’ve sat down in front of and vegged out with both of our favorite snacks and watched a movie that we both wanted to check out. We set it up, Instagram perfect, light the candles (oo romance) and eat to our hearts content and enjoy a movie we both love!

If you haven’t caught on to the main theme here it’s doing things that you BOTH love doing and get to spend some uninterrupted time together. Spending date night in is mostly about being intentional and doing activities that allow you to get closer to your partner and enjoy yourselves without other people being there to interrupt you.

Give some of these a try and enjoy yourselves! Next time I report back, I’ll be MARRIEEEEDDD! So maybe next date night blog will include some fun “married” date night activities!


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